Hello Moms and Dads,   The button just to the left of the one you just clicked, Kids Play, takes you to Surf-N-Kids Club Alabama.

The information below tells you what Surf-N-Kids Club is all about.

The Video is on Teaching Your Kids Internet Safety. (at bottom of page)

Kid Safe, Surf-N-Kids Club, is an online membership website and community designed to protect and educate children. Kids play educational games, win Moola and redeem them in the TUKI prize auction. What you may not realize are there are more features included with Kid Safe Internet. Here is a brief description of what kids and parents will have access to when they join:


  • Educational Arcade: Here kids play educational games that help teach them how to be safe online, how to be a responsible Internet citizen and traditional educational games such as: Add Like Mad, Multiplication Station, Word Search Games, Safety Quiz’s, Geography Games and dozens of other games that all contain an educational element.


  • TUKI Moola: TUKI Moola is our currency and the tool we will use to teach children basic banking, commerce and the value of money. All winnings will correlate with the United States Dollar and be deposited into their very own virtual bank account we call “TUKI Bank”.


  • TUKI Bank: Your Kids will become financially literate using the TUKI bank. Our TUKI bank is where kids can view how much TUKI Moola they have earned and spent. It was designed just like a normal check register so we can teach kids “Credits”, “Debits” and how to “Balance”their account. And this is just the beginning!


  • TUKI Auction for Primo Members: As children build up their bank account from playing educational games they are rewarded with TUKI Moola that can be used to bid on real products and services listed in TUKI Auction. It’s the ULTIMATE REWARD SYSTEM! Imagine your child winning an iPod, xBox, Videos, Stuffed Animals and hundreds of other items for playing educational games!


  • TUKI TV: TUKI TV is our answer to YouTube. It’s our onlineTV station, except for one HUGE difference! All movies, cartoons and video in TUKI TV will be child appropriate. We will only run quality family content in TUKI TV with the intentions to offer clean, fun and appropriate video content for kids.


  • TUKI Mail: TUKI Mail is our web based email system where Special Kids Club Members can send and receive email. This allows them to have their own email account that can be accessed from any computer that connects to the Internet. You child can communicate safely using a buddy system.


  • KID SAFE BROWSER: Our TUKI Browser is the state of the art web browser for kids. It has a cartoon interface with swappable themes. When kids surf the net with our browser they are protected with our “Include List” filter that helps prevent them from stumbling across inappropriate websites. There has been millions poured into this technology and the features and benefits are to many to list here.


All this can be found by clicking “Kids Play” on the Navigation Bar. Kids Club Alabama members get discounts to many of the places you go already.  And, free and discounted kids meals at local restaurants.  Plus, there are lots of FREE things to do on the Events Calendar.  That’s not all – there is also a coupons page to local grocery and other stores.  Ultimately, you save many ways.  So, join now and start having more fun, more places, more times for less money!  And, get the Kids  the Primo account at ‘Kids Play’ so they can enjoy all the things listed above about the Kid Safe Internet.


You do not have to be a member of Surf-N-Kids Club to download and use the FREE Browser.

You do not have to be a member of Kids Club Alabama to be a member of Surf-N-Kids Club or vice/versa.  But, you get lots of benefits by being a member of both.

Video on Teaching Your Kids Internet Safety

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